Personal Development Coaching

Kate’s main aim is to empower people to excel in all areas of their lives, including:

  • Personal life,
  • Productivity,
  • Careers and
  • Business.

Most people want to be happy in life and often choose to stay in their comfort zone without the drive to pursue deeper meaning, connection of fulfillment. This may work for them, however, if you are reading this, then it’s likely that you want more out of life – perhaps an extraordinary and impactful one?

If you have tried reading books, listening to podcasts, or following all kinds of experts, and it hasn’t worked, then you are in the right place.

Our coaching sessions will help you find your true passion and discover your full potential so that you can create the life that you deserve in your personal or professional life.

Having worked within the public sector for many years in a job that was not fulfilling and not really understanding her purpose in life, Kate made an intentional decision to discover who she was and what she wanted in life. It was a journey that was both exciting and challenging at the same time, which helped her to discover her passion for psychology and personal development.

“My experience has taught me that when we don’t know ourselves and become too afraid to create the life that we want,” says Kate. “I am passionate about helping people to find their passion in life.”

Together, you will go through the following process to ensure that you achieve your unique and desired results from start to finish:

  • Free initial telephone consultation to explore areas that you wish to focus on
  • Structured weekly or fortnightly sessions to explore your goals
  • Regular homework so that you can remain focused, accountable and motivated in achieving their goals
  • Regular reviews to ensure that you are progressing and not just creating your goals but living the life that you have always dreamed of.

In addition, the coaching sessions will help you to:

  • Build your self-esteem
  • Discovery your full potential
  • Discover your purpose in life
  • Overcome negative core beliefs
  • Come out of your comfort zone
  • Develop a conscious mind
  • Achieve your life goals

Dump the Baggage

A Therapist’s Guide to Building Self-Esteem and Positive Relationships

Our childhood relationships can have a significant impact on our adult relationships and our self-esteem. Psychotherapist Kate Megase describes how our attachments from childhood can influence our relationships both in our personal and professional lives.

When we have poor self-esteem, it can affect our choices in life and can trigger core negative beliefs of not being good enough.

Dump the Baggage will show you how to improve your self-esteem and let go of your past negative experiences so that your past experiences do not affect your future. Each chapter has an action plan to help you make life changes that will improve your relationship with yourself and others.